This has been a weekend-project but turned out to be usefull to a lot of people (over 50,000 Downloads until today). I needed to know which capabilities the camera-pipeline in my cellphone supports.

Not only is this relevant for research purposes, but there is also a large community around photography, vlogging and videography.

Android cellphones offer APIs for the camera, and depending on the support-level of the pipeline, one can set exposure-values, whitebalance, focus etc., and expect a specific number of frames per second. As I have not been able to find specific data or support-levels for existing cellphones, I decided to create an app that is able to read every supported camera2 API function on the cellphone itself, and put it in the android playstore ( with an option to send those values to me.

As the app has been blatantly stolen from my github-account and repackaged as new apps, I decided not to share the code publicly anymore. If you are interested in a specific feature or more information please do not hesitate to contact me!